May 28th, 2014
May 26th, 2014
April 24th, 2014
November 11th, 2013
October 23rd, 2013


September 6th, 2013
July 14th, 2013

Love them.

June 27th, 2013

They just get better and better.

June 25th, 2013
June 15th, 2013
June 12th, 2013

Today was one of the worst days of my life. And I thought of that song Strong Enough to Break by my wonderful fave band Hanson. Their music has gotten me through some bad times, made me smile, made me happy just to hear the harmonies of their voices. I wish I could thank them personally, although I am sure they hear it all the time. God Bless you boys. Thank you.

April 21st, 2013